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I'm a survivor and I have a story to tell I'm a survivor of a serious trial.

I'm not a therapist. If you have a therapist and can afford one great, but I could not and needed help anyway. The information on this site helped greatly. If your D.I.D. aka Multiple Personality Disorder did not wreck your life, or you do not mind being D.I.D.; I did not write this site for you. However, if you want you may find techniques in following my source that will help.

Hi Was D.I.D. and I have been getting the victory over this illness for about 6 years. Before that I was making great progress without a therapist. I could not afford therapy and I knew a better way IMO than a therapist to get results. Results can be measured that are phenomenal. I am going to share with you the way I got victory. Then at the end I will tell you who told me how to do this. I have been intergated for at least 7 months. I believe this is total integration. I had partial integration before had trauma it and bam it started again. Now I have had trauma hit betrayal and daily triggers and still integrated

Update as of July 18 2015 I am still DID free and I am so happy There is a way out of the prison of DID and a way to gain your life back Continue reading to see how this possible. Make sure you read the material on this site It will assist you in being free of DID

Well it is a long time in coming but I finally updated the site. Be sure to checkout the changes.

Get out of the maze of no way out and truly have a life.

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